Standard Cradles

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Standard Cradles

Orientals has been leading the temporary cradle business in the Middle East for the past 15 years. Our OSLER hoist is well known and respected in the region due to its top quality comparable to most international brands.

Orientals developed different cradle range to suit various customers budget and requirements. The OSLER range has been developing continuously to improves its quality and durability.

Our products are the most suitable for the regional environment and know for standing the harsh weather conditions with integrity and reliability.

Standard Cradles Product Range
Osler Eco
The economical cradle but attains high quality and reliability in accessing difficult building facade access and building construction site.

The most popular cradle OSLER ECO is our economical cradle if having low budget but still gaining strong dependability and high quality. OSLER ECO is perfectly used in façade cleaning and maintenance, difficult façade access and most of the construction sites. It offers structural strength and safety. It passes for quality tested to achieve stability and competence.

Osler Sky
Ideally works at high heights, even in hardest situations. It’s exceptionally flexible.

This popular and bestselling OSLER Sky cradle is exceptionally flexible in most of building structures. The OSLER Sky cradle is specially designed for buildings constructions and maintenance of façades. It works at high heights, even in constrained surroundings makes this cradle versatile. Attaining high quality tested for durability, efficiency and safety.

Osler 8
It offers competitive performance in sky scraper towers and even in rough site circumstances.

The OSLER 8 cradle is our latest cradle development. It offers a pinned aluminium structure for the baskets with modules of 1, 2 and 3 meters. The platform floor is made of extruded aluminium profile for better rigidity and long serviceability. The front rail can be lowered to allow better access in certain locations.

OSLER 8 has no match in the regional market.

Other Brands
Orientals also offer other brands of cradles as requested by the customers.

Back in 2007 Orientals was the sole agent of FIXATOR from France in UAE. We now deal with many other brands like: ALBA from Spain and ATLAS from Power Climber.

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